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Removing lower cowling tips?

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  • Removing lower cowling tips?

    Trying to get everything ready for my first Super Petrel oil change. I've heard that the lower cowling is not intuitive to take off. Does anyone have any tips or tricks for this? The maintenance manual just says "remove lower cowling" and I would think that would mean undo camloc fasteners and pull.

    To be fair the top cowling is already not intuitive with having to disconnect 2 antennae connectors.

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    The cowls on the Super Petrel are well designed to minimize their size while allowing adequate airflow for engine cooling. Once the upper cowling is off (yes there is an antenna connection for comm's and Transponder). Apply wide blue painters tape just below the seam where the lower cowl meets the fuselage. Apple a few rows down the side and then along the flat side of the fuselage. This will help protect the paint on the fuselage when removing the lower cowl. Now you can remove the screw on the lower cowl and undo the fastener on the front upper side by the intake., leaving one loose screw in the leading edge so the cowl does not slide down yet. Next get a step ladder and look at the aft end of the lower cowl and you will notice a carton fiber plate that holds the radiator flush against the cowl. They are attached to a pin on the cowl with three holes on them. Normally the pins run through the second hole.There is the plate, a washer and the clip. Be careful after removing the clip as the washer may slide off and go down into the cowl. Not that big of a deal during removal, but if it falls off during installation you will need to remove the cowl and start over, NOT GOOD. I put mu finger ar the end of the pin and slide the plate off holding the washer against the plate as I remove it from inside the cowl. This needs to be done on both sides. Info: both plates are identical but installed 180 degrees from each other. Good idea to take a picture. Once the plates are off, just in front of the radiator is the oil coolers and they sit down in a tray and are secured by zip ties. Grab a small set of Dykes/cutters and snip the zip ties. Turn the propeller so there is a inverted "V", have someone on each side , remove the last screw and slide the cowl down and aft while reaching in and pulling up on the oil coolers and pushing the radiator forward. Once everything is clear you can slide the cowl aft and to one side removing it and setting it aside. If you dropped the washer find it now. This may require tipping it upside down.

    To install reverse the steps above.


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      I found putting a safety wire though the hole to keep the washer on until I can get the pin in saves me to have to remove the cowling to retrieve the washer. Have played go fish a few times. Not fun.