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Battery follow-up

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  • Battery follow-up

    To follow up with G3X and battery issues. Bill and I have noticed that the initial sign of a weak battery is that the Lane lights remain on after start. Either Lane A, Lane B or both. During start the voltage drops enough that the Lanes drop off which causes the light(s) to illuminate. Once you see this happening it is only a matter of time before the battery will not put out enough power to start the aircraft. Hoping the new Odyssey battery will last longer than the initial batteries.

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    Mark, Did you replace the first failed battery with the same as stock unit?
    If so, how long did each last?


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      Scott, this will be our 4th battery I think, 3rd for sure. All the other times we have replaced them with “stock” batteries. The 912iS with its electrics puts a large load on the battery, especially during start. We always have a trickle charger on the battery whenever it is in the hangar and always carry a jump start with us and have an extension connected to the battery so we can start it ourselves from the cockpit when the battery does not have enough power to turn it over.


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        Although I believe the Odyssey battery is much superior, it is only rated at 16ah. The stock battery is rated at 18ah. I looked up what Rotax requires and it is 16ah. Please let us know how the Odyssey works out.
        Did it require a new weight and balance be performed?
        PS: my stepson has been the poster boy for Odyssey Battery and has appeared in numerous magazine ads and trade shows for the last few years.


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          The Odyssey battery was discussed at length in the Rotax maintenance course. The quality between the batteries is night and day. There is no major difference for a battery with 18 & 16 AMPs sitting there. The pure lead and additional plates within the odyssey give it more concentrated power (it doesn’t need to work so hard), not to mention the 570 cold cranking AMPs for the first 5 seconds during start where the battery is challenged most.

          There is no stated battery requirement from Scoda or Rotax in their manuals.

          We did a weight and balance based on the 3lb difference and it was actually better for the CG of the Super Petrel.