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Number of Super Petrels in the United States?

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  • Number of Super Petrels in the United States?

    Out of curiousity was wondering if anyone knew how many Super Petrels were registered in the U.S.
    A seach on aviation database shows 53 super petrels registered with N numbers. Would this seem to be a reasonably accurate estimate?

    There are 42 members on this forum though and I would think every U.S. owner would want to be a member of this forum. Plus forum numbers should be inflated since there might be prospective owners or just curious folks added to the list.

    Does anyone have real numbers?
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    Actually there are a few members on this forum who own Super Petrels and are not in the USA, and we welcome our brothers and sisters from wherever they reside!


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      It depends on if you count all Super Petrels in all versions or just the current model S-LSA. The S-LSA is about 50.